bul2241 Indicate whether the statement is true or false

1. ​The pattern of rules that society establishes to control the conduct of individuals in their relationships is called law.

  a.  True
  b. False


2. ​The law often works to cause our society to operate in a very inefficient manner.

  a. True
  b.  False


3. ​Law is often defined as the body of principles that courts or administrative agencies will enforce.

  a.  True
  b. False


4. ​Jane asserts she has a legal right. Jane is really saying she has an obligation to perform or refrain from performing an act.

  a. True
  b.  False


5. ​Rights always stand alone, without any duties.

  a. True
  b.  False


6. ​Rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution are accompanied by duties.

  a.  True
  b. False


7. ​Court decisions and statutes can take away rights created by the U.S. Constitution.

  a. True
  b.  False


8. ​One of our most important rights is the right of privacy.

  a.  True
  b. False


9. ​The right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures conducted by the police is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

  a.  True
  b. False


10. ​The U.S. Constitution provides that we have a right to be free from unreasonable intrusions by others.

  a.  True
  b. False


11. ​The private life of an ordinary citizen is subject to strict scrutiny.

  a. True
  b.  False


12. ​The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the right of privacy does not apply to intrusions into our privacy by means of new technology.

  a. True
  b. False


13. ​Although laws are enacted at different levels of government to provide the framework for business and personal rights and duties, the framework for this legal system is constitutional law.

  a. True
  b. False


14. ​A constitution is a body of principles that establishes the structure of a government and the relationship of that government to the people who are governed.

  a. True
  b. False


15. ​One advantage of our current legal system is that the growth of technology has not created many new laws.

  a. True
  b. False


16. ​Statutory law includes U.S. Supreme Court opinions.

  a. True
  b. False


17. ​Within each state in the United States, only the U.S. Constitution is in force.

  a. True
  b. False


18. ​All cities, counties, and other governmental subdivisions have basic powers to adopt ordinances, such as traffic and zoning laws, within their sphere of operation.

  a. True
  b. False


19. ​Criminal laws carry damage penalties for a wronged individual.

  a. True
  b. False


20. ​Procedural law specifies the steps that must be followed in enforcing those rights and liabilities.

  a. True
  b. False


21. ​Administrative regulations generally do not have the force of law.

  a. True
  b. False


22. ​Individuals can create their own private law when they contract among themselves.

  a. True
  b. False


23. ​A right is an obligation of law imposed on a person to perform or refrain from performing a certain act.

  a. True
  b. False


24. ​When a court decides a new question or problem, the decision is called a stare decisis.

  a. True
  b. False


25. ​The group of time-honored rules that courts have used to solve similar problems for decades is called precedent.

  a. True
  b. False


26. ​The common law are court-enforced unwritten principles originally based on the usages and customs of the community.

  a. True
  b. False


27. ​Treaties made by the United States are not deemed part of the law.

  a. True
  b. False


28. ​The Uniform Commercial Code is a good example of uniform state laws.

  a. True
  b. False


29. Those uniform state laws that have been adopted by individual states were first written by Congress.

  a. True
  b. False


30. ​Procedural law creates legal rights and duties.

  a. True
  b. False


31. ​Civil laws define wrongs against society.

  a. True
  b. False


32. ​Equity provides justice when the law is inadequate.

  a. True
  b. False


33. ​A party may ask for legal, but not equitable, remedies in a single court.

  a. True
  b. False


Indicate the answer choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


34. ​Law is:

  a. ​a body of religious principles held by all members of society.
  b. ​a body of principles that society establishes to keep things running smoothly.
  c. ​always the result of case-law decisions.
  d. ​derived solely from the United States Constitution.


35. ​Law consists of:

  a. ​principles that govern conduct.
  b. ​mere guidelines.
  c. ​arbitrary rules.
  d. ​traditions.


36. ​The law could best be described as:

  a. ​only statutory in nature.
  b. ​only the creation of our courts.
  c. ​a collection or bundle of rights.
  d. ​a bundle of political choices.


37. ​Our rights flow from all the following sources except:

  a. ​the Constitution.
  b. ​federal statutes.
  c. ​city ordinances.
  d. ​ethical values.


38. ​A right can exist:

  a. ​by itself.
  b. ​only if created by a court.
  c. ​only if there is a corresponding duty.
  d. ​only under local law.


39. A right is defined as:​

  a. ​an obligation of law imposed to perform an act.
  b. ​a legal capacity to require another party to perform an action.
  c. ​any written promise.
  d. ​-a political power to do the right thing.


40. ​The Securities Exchange Commission creates

  a. ​case precedent.
  b. ​statutory law.
  c. ​Constitutional law.
  d. ​administrative regulations.


41. ​Rights guaranteed in the United States Constitution:

  a. ​cannot be taken away by statutes or court decisions.
  b. ​can be taken away by statutes.
  c. ​can be taken away by court decisions.
  d. ​can be taken away by local ordinances.


42. ​The right of privacy consists of:

  a. ​the right to be secure against unreasonable searches by the government only.
  b. ​the right to protection against intrusions by others only.
  c. ​both the right to be secure against unreasonable searches by the government and the right to protection against intrusions by others.
  d. ​the right to be secure against warrantless searches only.


43. ​Suppose Sheriff Roland desires to search your home. What law requires that the sheriff obtain a search warrant?

  a. ​the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution
  b. ​the Equal Protection Clause
  c. ​state statute
  d. ​local uniform police ordinances


44. ​The right to privacy applies to protect you from unreasonable searches in all of the following scenarios except:

  a. ​to you personally.
  b. ​to your home.
  c. ​to your business.
  d. ​in the commission of a crime.


45. ​_______ law creates, defines, and regulates rights and liabilities.

  a. ​Statutory
  b. ​Constitutional
  c. ​Substantive
  d. ​Procedural


46. ​If a court issues an injunction, the court would be ordering a(n)  ________.

  a. ​equitable remedy
  b. ​legal remedy.
  c. ​private remedy.
  d. ​order of equitable damages.


47. Suppose Jack signs a contract to purchase a home from Jill, but Jill later refuses to transfer title to the home to Jack.  Jack could force Jill to transfer title to the home by asking a court for an order of  ________​

  a. ​injunctive law.
  b. ​specific performance.
  c. ​legal damages.
  d. ​substantive law.


48. ​A good example of a uniform state law would be:

  a. ​statutory law.
  b. ​case law.
  c. ​constitutional law.
  d. ​the Uniform Commercial Code.


49. ​The right to privacy means that individuals

  a. ​cannot gossip about each other
  b. ​cannot be lawfully searched.
  c. ​can yell “Fire” in a crowded theater.
  d. ​are protected against intrusions by others.


50. ​If your home or business is searched unlawfully, any items obtained during that unlawful search could be excluded as evidence in a criminal trial because of the ________.

  a. Fourth Amendment’s exclusionary rule​
  b. ​Constitutional common law
  c. ​Fifth Amendment’s right to privacy
  d. ​common law


51. ​Statutory law can be created by all of the following except:

  a. ​Congress.
  b. ​state legislatures.
  c. ​local governments.
  d. ​by the courts.


52. ​Administrative regulations:

  a. ​are essentially industry advisories.
  b. ​are case-law precedents.
  c. ​generally have the force of statute.
  d. ​are Constitutional principles.


53. ​A ______ is a legal principle expressed for the first time in court decision.

  a. ​statutory law
  b. stare decisis
  c. ​case law
  d. ​precedent


54. ​Statutes which are drafted from Uniform State Laws are often used to regulate:

  a. ​business.
  b. ​foreign countries.
  c. ​criminal behavior.
  d. ​personal family matters.


55. ​The Uniform Partnership Act is a good example of a(n):

  a. ​Congressional statute.
  b. ​substantive law.
  c. ​uniform state law.
  d. ​procedural law.


56. ​Substantive law:

  a. ​specifies the steps to follow to enforce legal rights.
  b. ​concerns equitable relief only.
  c. ​creates, defines, and regulates rights and liabilities.
  d. ​draws solely on English legal principles.


57. Criminal laws:​

  a. ​define wrongs against society.
  b. ​define the rights of one person against another.
  c. ​carry damage remedies against the wronged individual.
  d. ​are punished by individuals who have been wronged.


  1. ​______ is a body of law that provides justice when the law does not offer an adequate remedy.
  a. ​Ethics
  b. Regulations​
  c. ​Equity
  d. ​Statutes.


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